Purpose and Benefits

Member Services

Interested in Joining the BETA Group?

  • To provide networking of services that benefit members and their employers
  • To promote companies represented and to serve as a resource for business development
  • To exchange information and advice
  • To sponsor fellowship and assist in career development for the professional assistant
  • To sponsor local designated charity organizations
  • To provide scholarship funds to selected applicants pursuing a degree in office education/business


The purpose of the BETA Group is to provide a basis for exchange of information and advice, to promote each member's business, to enhance the profession and to participate in the fellowship and education of middle management and administrative assistants.  The BETA Group addresses the needs of those working as the right-hand to the leader of a business. The BETA Group offers a unique opportunity to a select group of professionals in the Tucson area.

Informative and engaging luncheon meetings (second Thursday of each month) with occasional special meetings

Guest speakers and networking (represent member company)

Continuing education and professional development

Opportunities for community philanthropy and supporting local non-profits

Member newsletter

Annual social events; business exchanges, executive appreciation luncheon, professional development, holiday luncheon and more fun special events

Dues are currently $250 annually, billed directly to the member's firm.

Dues include monthly luncheon meetings, a monthly newsletter, discount on professional development, and the BETA Group directory.

The BETA Group is a non-profit organization 501(a) designation under the IRS tax code.


Not sure if your industry is already represented in the BETA group?