Beta Group LuncheonMarch 2020

    Program:  Diane Frisch, Director

    Pima County Attractions and Tourism  

   Beta Group Lunch MeetingMay 2021

   Morgen Hartford, SoAZ Alzheimer's Assn.  

   Beta Group Lunch MeetingNov. 2020

   Program: Julie Sasse, Chief Curator

   Tucson Museum of Art

    Beta Group Luncheon - November 2019

    ProgramBoard elections & general meeting


   Beta Group Luncheon May 2019

   Guest Speaker:  Lee Lambert,  

     Chancellor, Pima Community College 

                BETA Scholarship Awards       

   Beta Philanthropy Lunch MtgDec 2020

   Michael McDonald, Community Food Bank

   Beta members donated $740 and Beta

  Group matched with an additional $500,

  for a total of $1240 for the Food Bank!

   Beta Group Lunch Meeting April 2021

   Laura Conover, Pima County Attorney 

   Beta Group Lunch Meeting March 2021

   Program: Nancy Kluge, CEO, Reid Park Zoo 

What will you learn through the BETA group?

Past Programs:

    Beta Group Luncheon September 2020

     Program: Tohono Chul Park

     More than Just Cactus!

   Beta Group Lunch Meeting June 2021

  Kristen Hernandez, CEO, Girl Scouts SoAZ


   Beta Group Luncheon August 2019

   Guest Speaker:  Our VP Tami Griffin

   Topic: Robert's Rules of Order             

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  Beta Group Executive Luncheon

   & Scholarship Raffle - October 2019

   Guest Speaker: Tony Penn, CEO

      United Way of Tucson and So AZ

   $770 was raised for Beta Scholarships!    


   Beta Group Philanthropy Luncheon

   Thursday, December 2019

  Program:  Old Pueblo Community Services

                     Tom Litwicki, CEO  


   Beta Group Luncheon September 2019

   Guest Speaker: Andrea Mejia-Flores

   City of Tucson, BETA member                

   Beta Group Executive Luncheon &

   Scholarship Raffle

    Thursday, Oct 14, 2021 - Noon to 1 pm

    Program: Liana Perez,

                     Tucson Deputy City Manager

    Watch for meeting invitation and list of

    raffle prizes!



   Beta Group Luncheon June 2019

   Guest Speaker:  Lauryn Bianco 

   Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse

   Beta Group Lunch Meeting July 2021

  Tami Griffin, The Beta Group President

   Beta Group Lunch Meeting Feb. 2021

   Melanie Morgan, Tucson Festival of Books


   Beta Group Luncheon July 2019

   Guest Speaker:  Ted Maxwell 

   Southern Arizona Leadership Council

   Beta Group Luncheon May 2020

   Scarlett Vogel-Ham, NY Life/Eagle Strategies

   Financial Planning Strategies    

   Beta Group Lunch MeetingOctober 2020

   Program: Cyber Security for Small Business
   Pima Community College

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