Reid Park Zoo behind the scenes tour

    April 2021 Thank you, Georgina, for

    arranging this amazing tour!

       Tucson Museum of Art 

   June 2018, followed by dinner at La Cocina


       Grilling with

  Chef Jonathan Landeen

 at Jonathan's Cork - August 2017

  Yummy grilling menu and fine wines! 


    Another fun volunteer event!

       Ronald McDonald House

       Cooking brunch for the residents

       Saturday, June 10, 2017

                                  Medella Vina Ranch

 1st Sunday Antique/Vintage Fair

            October 2019 - Thank you to

     Georgina for coordinatingthis fun event!   

       Beads of Courage   

   February 2018

   Volunteer opportunity followed by 

   a beverage at Tucson Hop Shop 

Asian Lantern Festival

Reid Park Zoo - March 2020

    Beads of Courage project kit -

   Literacy Connects staff in action making

   the very cool Sahuaro Bead for the kids!

     Professional Development 

                 August 2017

      followed by happy hour!       


        Executive Luncheon

   and scholarship fundraising raffle

   October 2018
    Many thanks to Rebecca for spearheading

    this fundraising effort and to all those who

    donated prizes and bought raffle tickets.

    More than $570 was raised for the

    Beta scholarship fund!   

             Creative Juice Art BarAugust 2018
Thanks to Georgina and Rebecca for

      organizing this fun event, to all who

      attended, enjoyed getting creative with

      paint and adding to our scholarship fund!

           Holiday Card MakingNovember 2018 
Fabulous detailed cards & potluck lunch
    Many thanks to Tami's mom Vicki for this

     beautiful card-making set and to Tami for

     hosting the group and providing materials.

Special Events

       A Fine Wine & Food Pairing

   Fun, friendship and fundraising! 

    March 2018

    More photos on Ways & Means page

   Thank you Georgina and Rebecca    

       DeGrazia Gallery of the Sun          September 2017

         and lunch at Fini's Landing 

    Beads of Courage project - Georgina,

    her sister and their friends making the

    cute Teddy Bear Bead!

past eventS

           Volunteering at Ben's Bells
March 2019
     We created ceramic ornaments
         for the Ben's Bells Shop and

    enjoyed lunch afterwards downtown. 

  Tucson Museum of Art - Sept. 2019 

   Art Gallery, Music & Art-making Activity

    followed by dinner atCafé a la C’Art

         Thank you Georgina for coordinating

        this artistic, cultural & culinary experience!

       Beads of Courage - July 2019

   Beta members created special beads

     and supported Arts-in-Medicine.


​          Wine and Beer Tasting April 2019
Special Event and Raffle Fundraiser    

      raising more than $1000 for the Beta

      scholarship fund!     

        Professional Development Seminar

       August 2018,  Desert Diamond
Many thanks to Scarlett Vogel-Ham and

       Committeefor arranging this informative

       and fun professional event

       followed by a hosted Happy Hour. 

       Membership Happy Hour 

    Cafe A La C'Art, May 2018

   Delicious Food and Drink and Camaraderie

   Thanks to Paula Fleming and Virg Diebold

   for organizing this fun event and to all those

   who donated raffle prizes & swag!